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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bowling for soup:
    Rocker turned me on to these guys. Classic 80s rock sound in a ought band.
  2. cooking:
    I don't know why I list this. I feel like I haven't done any creative cooking in ages. It just doesn't hold the appeal it used to. I still read recipes and techniques and watch some odd cooking shows, but I really haven't felt like spreading my culinary wings recently.
  3. diesel sweeties:
    Pixelated love. I met the author when I was fangirl drooling over John Allison of Scary Go Round/Bobbins fame, but since then I've developed an appreciation for Clango too.
  4. erin evermore:
    It's kinda shallow, but I like the way you say my name.
    Erin Evermore opened for Duran Duran. We were watching her opening act from about 10 rows back. There were maybe 5 people between us and her. She was awful, absolutely horrid. I turned to hoppie and whispered, "At least she's not crawling on the stage." And then, suddenly she was! I felt terrible for laughing, because I'm sure she could hear me. I decided that the only thing for it was to buy her CD as a gag gift for all the people at the concert with us. The thing is, the longer I listened to it, the more I liked it. I downloaded all her music at the old (long since defunct.) Now I'm a closet fan, and she's probably given up music and works at nightclub wondering what the heck happened.
  5. harry potter:
    Aren't we all? Boy. Wizard. cool things happen.
  6. jem and the holograms:
    Truely Outrageous. I loved this cartoon when I was growing up. I was on the tail end of being young enough for cartoons when Jem came out. She was the last juvenile cartoon show I watched before hitting the age of not believing. Still one of the best. Oh, Rio!
  7. kim possible:
    And this is a cartoon I picked up after the age of not believing. Kim Possible (She can do anything!) was a recommendation, but I can't remember by whom. I think we turned Rocker onto it, so possibly Pam or one of hoppie's coworkers. It features Bender as the voice of Dr. Drakken, Gary Cole, as KP's dad, Nicole Sullivan of MADD TV as villainess/temptress SheGo, and Richardo Montalban (KHAAAAANNN!!!) as Señor Senior, Sr. How do you not love that?
  8. michael t. weiss:
    The dreamy face behind The Pretender, a great show with a strange premise.
  9. reading:
    Everyone on livejournal says they read. It's the nature of the medium.
  10. sean bean:
    That hair. Those eyes. That accent. From the moment I saw him playing dashing villain, Robert Lovelace, I knew I was hooked. I sit through bad movies, I sit through good movies, I pass the Sean Bean along to my friends and try to get them hooked. He single-handedly saved Goldeneye Right now we're watching the Sharpe stories on BBCA. Sharpe is.

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I feel like I should do a weekend recap, but everyone else had a more exciting weekend that me.
Hoppie got home late on Friday and went out to help his sister paint on Satuday so spent much of my weekend by myself. I read a couple of books and designed some jewelry with my alone time.

Listening to the Sox game Saturday night. It's the 8th inning. The Sox are down by one run (3-2). Two men on, two men out. Manny DelCarmen gets hits with a line drive off his ankle. Francona makes the move to the bullpen. Julian Tavarez comes in. I say to hoppie, "What's he thinking: 'I don't want to lose a close game. If I'm going to lose, I want it to be a blowout.'?" Next batter knocks the second pitch out of the ballpark. Final score 6-2. I say to hoppie, "I hate being right."

I have a bunch of jewelry pics to take, and take them I will. I do have some updates, and I'm going to do a picture post this afternoon, I think.

As mentioned behing the cut tag, hoppie and I have started watching the Sharpe stories on BBCA. (finally!!) Hoppie is very clear on the point that he's not watching it because Sean Bean is crash hot, but rather because he's enjoying the story. It is a good story. Maybe this will finally inspire me to read the book I picked up ages ago.

I realized that I was watching my Worst Witch DVDs out of order. I apparently went Set 3, Set 4, and I'm now finishing up Set 2. They are poorly marked. The good news is I should have Set 2 finished this week and be able to lend (properly labled, of course) to Lanna for the kids to watch. I loved the books and I can't believe how well the series came out, particularly in light of how bad the movie was, (sorry Dame Diana. Even your Miss Hardbroom and the presence of dynamic actor Tim Curry couldn't save it.)
I liked the way they handled replacing Ethel's actress. The new Ethel and the glamour discussion and the daring the other girls to make fun of her "witchover" was classic Ethel. Miss Hardbroom contemptuous acceptance was brilliantly in character. It just highlights the excellent work they did on this production.

I have my mirror up now, but I haven't gotten back in the habit of using it. I'm sure I will. It's in roughly the same spot as my old mirror, should it be should be pretty easy to pick back up.
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