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Right, about that

Pretty predictable. It's like when Beatrice, Edgar's wife in MIB gets her visit from the police. "They were here. They wrote down every single word I said, not beliving a single word I said."
He has his conclusions already, he just need to runs some tests for verify them. Maybe it's unfair to draw this conclusion after just one meeting, but he seems to have some god complex issues. He said things like, "I know I can make you fertile." and then delved into issues like whether he should. Wait a second, pal, I'm not paying you to debate moral quandries. I've come to you for help. Provide it or don't, but don't tell me you think other people would question whether you _should_ or not. I honestly don't care what they think. I'm not entirely sure I care what you think.

Hoppie found the whole thing amusing because he hears me talk about how my doctors take a very one dimensional approach to my health care and don't understand why it doesn't work, and he got to see it in action.
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