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Strange dreams the last week. Last night's was visiting family in Chicago and San Francisco at the same time. In my dream, they were like an hour apart. I was trying to convince my dad to go meet with his cousin in San Francisco when hoppie and I went.

And I had the worst time trying to pack. Nothing seemed to fit. I hadn't bought that much stuff. I couldn't understand it.

Travel anxiety again. Blah.

Hoppie has been on call this week and that's led to fragmented time. He can't enjoy his evenings or his mornings because he's constantly attentive to the paper. He manages to make all his on call time very stressful for me as well.

I should probably start sleeping with a blindfold again, because I keep waking up at first light and can't get back to sleep. I'm very tired. I did a lot of staring into this space this morning waiting for my brain to tell me to do something useful, like, get out of bed, and go to work, and document the addhref command.

I'd better get back to that.
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