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Weekend thoughts

So hoppie's sister is officially in the new condo. She's delighted. It's a lovely place. A townhouse.
I didn't go down into the basement, but the upstairs is nice. It's a two bedroom place. She's going to use the second bedroom (AKA: Diva's room) as a combination music studio/guest bedroom. It looks very nice. I helped pack and move a bit. It's tough work. Rich, Hoppie, and Hoppie's dad did all the heavy lifting though. Hoppie's mom and I provided a lot of moral support.

I had a dream last night I wanted to blog, but I forgot about it. BEF showed up in an earlier dream and I find that's all I can remember from my nighttime. It was a quick appearance and yet that's all I can remember. Strange huh?

I had a music book, and there was a song from The Three Stooges (?) in it. I wanted to show it to hoppie, but when I went over to hoppie, the guy I'd gone over to turned out to not be hoppie, but BEF. I started to apologize and take the book back but he commanded I show him the page. So I was stupidly scared and cowed and a little annoyed and showed it to him.
I don't know what it means.
I would rather have remembered the other dream. Less scary. More interesting.

I've had three headaches since Tuesday. I have not taken any drugs.

Hoppie made me do a sudoku puzzle with him. I don't know if I like it or not. But at least now people will stop saying, "Just try one!"

Numbers. brrrrrr.
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