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There was just a tick in my office. No, I didn't go near it. I made Rich get rid of it. Thank you, Rich.
The irony is this coming so soon after a conversation with Elaine about flies in the bathroom (not here, in the old building).
Curves went really well today. I actually enjoyed it. It was not crowded, the people were really friendly, like I brought a bit of Kentucky back with me and started spreading it around. One of the women wished me well and, we didn't exactly arrange to see each other again, but we compared timetables and stuff to see if we would see each other again. That's the advantage of set schedule, which stupid me can't keep to.
Afterwards, I went to my usual SUBway for lunch. It's a SUBway in a convienence store. Talk about life affirmations, they're always so sweet to me there. I know all three counter girls, and the owner, and the counterman who works the convienence store register (and I kinda think he owns the place, although he seems very young) and they all told me how good it was to see me again, they asked about my trip, and my nephew, which would lead one to several conclusions. a) I go there too much b) I talk too much and c) I'm not such an evil person.
PS: And Ron thinks I'm trying to poison him with old candy.
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