awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Strange dream

Something vaguely collegiate, but I got into a flirtation with the guy behind me at orientation. First he was contempuous and then, suddenly adoring later in the dream. A geek, of course. I was enthralled.
This preppy/super star type girl asked for me to be her roommate during the assembly, so, of course, I had to go meet her. We got into a dscussion of scifi and I demanded that she had to read Ender's Game before condeming the whole genre.
I called over to my geek buddy. "Hey! Ender's Game. Best scifi book ever written?" (Now with my waking mind, I'm not sure I believe this, although I do know what real life conversation this came from)
Him, "Yea."
I picked people randomly out of the audience and they all agreed.
Then I shouted out to the auditorium, "Who's read Ender's Game" Hundreds of hands go up. Who didn't like it? They nearly all go down.
Then I ask the leader who I'd gotten into the fight described below with. "What do you think of Ender's Game.
Immediately she responded, "One of the best sci-fi books ever written."
There. You see? You should read it.
If she could actually read, about which I had my doubts.
And there was discussion of special rights for gays, which I don't much remember. I don't remember the actual issue, but I remember that they told me I was a homophobe, which amused me. I had my own soliloqy in response, (well, it is my dream!) I said, I'm not anti-gay. My best friend is a lesbian who's been in a committed relationship for five years and they plan, and I support them, to have two girls, one each. And then I went on to define the difference between protective rights and special classes and explain that no group should automatically have whaever priviledge was under discussion.

I have a lot of recapping to do on the subject of my life, but not this morning.

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