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I saw her again last night

Tire. AGAIN. On the way back to hoppie's office after he graciously agreed to have lunch with me, this trucker started honking at me.
Yes, I have yet another flat tire.
Hoppie put air in it and I went to work.
When I got out of the car, I turned the car on, turned the wheel and decided based on the sluggish response of the car, I should check the pressure. I turned the car off, got the gauge out of the glove compartment, stepped out of the car and then realized I needn't have bothered with the gauge. It was flat.

So I called him up to change it. I probably should have done it myself. I'm slow and I hate to get messy in my work clothing, and it still wouldn't have changed the outcome, but maybe I'd feel less miserable now.

I verify that my tire place closes at 8 and get the jack out and make the tire accessible. Hoppie changes the tire and I haul ass to NTB to beat the clock, and I do, sort of. They don't have the tire. And they can't get it until tomorrow. So my options are to go to Natick, MA in the morning and get it, or go to my local NTB and hang around while they send someone to Natick to get the tire.
I felt like crying the whole way home.
I also felt like I made a poor decision to go to the get the tire dealt with instead of going to the pharmacy to pick up my prescription. By the time I got back to my local area, it was 10 minutes after 8 and phamacy closes at 8. So now instead of accomplishing any single one thing, I've accomplished nothing, and that makes me feel like crying even more.

Although I don't feel like saying much about the weekend, I'll hit the highlights.
Fathers day with both my father and my father-in-law was wonderful, even if we had a long day in between times. I'm not saying I'd consider doing it every year, but I'd consider doing it again
Bar Mitzvah was great. Benjamin was great. And he hung out with us a bunch, which was much fun.
Spending time with Robin and her family is always a treat.
Having Greg and Faeryn here was lovely, even if I only saw Faeryn for like 15 seconds.
That's really all I care to say.

Edit: I lied. I have one more thing to say. Hoppie's copy of Chessudoku just shipped. You're all jealous as hell, I can feel it.
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