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And now for part II

Those idiots at my local NTB, which by the way, is normally slightly better than this, have been dicking me around all damn day.
So this morning, it comes up that I can get the tire this evening. And it occurs to me, (or hoppie tells me, that conversation got a bit blurry) that if I tell them I'm coming and make an appointment, maybe they can have the tire there for me instead of me sitting there while they send someone to Natick to get it.
I call at 9:30ish and ask if they will get tire. They put me on hold for a minute, then say they'll call me back.
I give them an hour. At 10:30ish I call them back. Get the same guy. He tells the same thing, he'll call me back.
at 12ish, I call again. Get a different guy. Explain with signficantly less patience than the first two times what's going on. He isn't sure what they can do and offers to get me the manager, who tells me there's no possible way they can do that today.
So I will be going to Natick. But I will not be happy about it.
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