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I know what this is about...

I was in a bowling alley which was entirely carpeted and as far as I could tell had no lanes. I don't know what made it a bowling alley. Anway, I was down by the end of the alley (where the pins would normally be) when the lights go out. They try to gather everyone together but I can't see to figure out where to go. So this woman who works there walks down and we make a chain so she can lead us (me and this other guy who was near me) back.
I'm amused, and also last in the chain, so I mock doing a conga line dance (without totally letting go of the guy in front of me.)
When we get to the other side and there's a touch of light, the guy starts picking at his finger with a set of needles. Apparently he has a splinter he's trying to get out. He's doing it badly, probably because he's in pain and can't see what he's doing, so I offer to do it. (Another of my talents, come from years of playing on wooden bleachers and being a magnet for every bit of wood seeking a new home (That bis so not what I meant, Brian! Behave yourself.))

He gives me the needles and within two tries, I have the splinter out and the wound relative cleaned. Then we go outside and I'm wondering if he wants to, I dunno, exchange names? information? keep in touch in some way. But he doesn't seem to want to. Then hoppie picks me up and we go off trying to find our way back to the hotel. The scene keeps shifting between Disney World and Las Vegas and the streets dead-end at funny places.
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