awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Another interesting dream

I went to my office and they'd decided to move me across the hall. In my dream I had an actual office, and they moved me to an office with a different configuration. It was a full office, and a large one, but it looked like a midsized hotel room. Instead of chairs, there were two small double beds. (small lengthwise. Two people could have rested comfortablyish on each) One of my coworkers and my boss were there talking to me as the tech (female IT...good for my dreams!) moved my equipment into the new office and starting setting everything back up. The computer desk was across from the bed furthest from the door, and over near the door was a second desk and a filing cabinet and a few other pieces of furniture. I was concerned about my DVDs, which were arrayed, not unlike they are at home in their perfect black DVD racks, only these might have been slightly taller than my old set.
They told me I couldn't move the bookcases to my new office, and my boss told me they'd be safe in my old office until I could bring in boxes the next day. I came back later in the afternoon and the shelves were gone! They'd been removed to the "storage area." They told me they'd be safe there, but of course, I was worried.
Later in the dream, I was showing my family (parents, brother, grandmother) around the office and we went into the storage room. My brother asked me if the figurines were mine. They weren't. When I turned around, though I accidentally broke a Jabba the Hut figurine. I left a note for the owner to contact me so I could make proper amends. Then I went over to my DVD shelves to make sure everything was still there. Not only were my DVDs there, but my books as well, AND they were letting people buy things! I freaked. An old man was thumbing through my books. I rescued them and told the old man they weren't for sale and shouldn't have been there. Then in a more polite tone I said to the old woman, who turned into a young mother with a little girl, that they should have been there. And then when I looked back up, I realized the DVDs were covered with paper indicating they were not for sale, but there were a bunch of missing books already. I hoped they wern't anything I really wanted and I dispaired of having to cross-check the books that remaining against my palm.
I also couldn't find my boss's office or my coworkers even though I went looking for them. I did find Lanna's new office though. And I remember being glad that they moved us before she coudl start.

And a big shout out to lizzielizzie for helping me with my necklace and earrings last night. I know, I owe pics. I'll finish it up sometime this coming week and post.

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