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Oh, and stuff about ME!

So the cuts on my right hand from dropping the airconditioner out the window have stopped aching every minute of the day. We still haven't tested the airconditioner to see if it works. Hoppie has to locate his plyers and put it back into shape.
I'm thinking of boycotting my job as the wakeup goddess tomorrow. Hoppie wants to go to Topsfield for the pumpkin weighing, let him get himself there. There's no value to me to try to wake him up (on his order) five times because he can't be bothered to get up the first time. One of these days he's going to say "justnotherhalfhour" too many times, and I'm going to shriek like a banshee.
Danny's birthday party is this weekend. I haven't decided if I'm going, but I am getting him a present (but I don't have it yet, so I can't give it to Craig), so maybe I will. I don't know what hoppie will do. Honestly I find that I don't care whether he comes with or not, which is odd because I'm not actually mad at him or anything. Just really indifferent.
I like Hop's new fixes to hold_mode. It's starting to be more like ircII again. This makes me quite happy.
And speaking of things that make me happy:
Manimala brought me rice. It looks delicious.
Wayne is back. He's working on a contractual basis to try to bail chestnuts from fire on a hot project with many, many issues.
It's all good, baby.
Tomorrow I shall clean.
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