awesome ultimate expert hen (mdyesowitch) wrote,
awesome ultimate expert hen

Rain is a state of mind

Sudden thundershowers just burst in overhead (and clearly I could think of nothing better to do with myself than huddle over my computer, very smart girl) so I came into the computer room to shut the window I opened earlier today. Sitting in here with the rain pouring outside and the window open was so lovely that I sat down and logged in thinking, maybe I could just leave the window open until I leave. It's not really raining inside and the breeze is so......very wet.

And then of course, it was impossible to ignore the fact that clearly the rain was blowing in. So I closed the window. And it now quite hot.

At any rate, once I've gathered my emails, I'll be off again to enjoy my holiday.

I've never really liked 4th of the July ever since I found out it commemerates an event that happened on the 2nd of July. It always struck me as a huge fraud. However, I have always liked TJ and John and they did die on the 4th of July and so, I will drink to you, merry gentleman. May you continue to enjoy a pleasant rest and I hope we haven't screwed up your country too badly.

I celebrated by putting together our mosquito magnet and setting it up to charge. Theoretically, hoppie will do the rest once it's charged. And then I think I broke my toe again. It's splinted up and I'm limping happily around the house, but I sent hoppie off to be with his family without me.

In the meantime, back to my novels, eh, Sharpie. Says so in scriptures.
Tags: books, holiday, hoppie, house, tmi

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