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I said I would talk more about it, and so I shall, a little bit. I do a good suspension of disbelief, and I'm not a clinging to canon and requiring all the students to be sorted into their proper timelines. However;
Warren Worthington III. One of my favorite characters had ZERO character in this movie. I hope most of his scenes ended up on the cutting room floor. Otherwise it looks like this:
* Boy cuts wings.
*Father tries to cure wing boy who is now wing young adult
* Winged one runs away and ends up in NY. (Does he fly? Take a bus? The world may never know.)
* Winged one turns around and go back to CA (again, unseen) and flies out of nowhere to save his (presumably unworthy) father and is never heard from again. (I know....ooooh, post story flyover. BFD.)
That's no plot for my beautiful, charismatic, rich, and powerful Angel.

Rogue taking "the cure". I can see her wanting the cure. I can't see her taking it. And why go back to the school? Oh, right, she's dating Bobby. That's going to go well.

Scott being killed by Jean? No. Just no.

Dark Phoenix being scary ugly. I remember her being scary beautiful in the comic. I would have prefered that. And with the Black Queen costume. YUM.

Storm's new hair cut. Ick.

No Kurt?!?! Freaking hell, where's my Kurt!

Things I liked:

Kudos for attempting to recreate my favorite single panel of the comic though.

Dr. Hank McCoy. Nice.

I would have expected Magneto to take care of Mystique. He knows what abandonment feels like. I doubt he would wish it on her.

So we got to see loloformdy's new condo this weekend. I know the audience for the description is limited, but it's a nice place. They have two bedrooms, and a huge office, and a nice living room and dining room. The cats seem reasonably adjusted to the new place. And they were affectionate. I'm constantly surprised that they remember us. When I used to cat sit for them, they barely acknowledged my presence, but now Chavi cuddles me like I'm her buddy, and Zoe will usually not leave a room just 'cause I walked into it.

Their new place has a walking path leading to the nature preserve just behind it, which seems to be filled with walking trails and bugs. The courtyard out back has a nice garden with a bird bath and bird feeder for the cats to stalk.

On Saturday filkergem and kyttn came up to visit us. Lori put Hoppie and Greg to work helping with the manly, heavy lifting, and Leah, Maya and I spent all day beading. Maya brought 2+ suitcases of beading things. Leah designed a necklace, I redid a pair of earrings, and the three of us together designed the second strand of a two strand necklace, and I did some work with wooden beads. Maya and I did some trading up of a different beads.

Lori and Leah also showed me the glasswork they did at their glass blowing seminar earlier in the year. It's stunning stuff. They also gave me their glass beads to make into something. I have two weeks to finish all the stuff they gave me to work on before they come to town for Brian's wedding.
Have some pictures.

Yes, I cried. Of course I cried. Where did the time go!?

Menucha's d'var Torah was wonderful, and because we stayed longer, we got to hear the first speech as well, from last week. Her delivery was a bit hesitant, but, her ideas were clear and well articulated. She's so beautiful and I love her so much. I'm tearing up again just thinking about it.
The kids, of course, ran off with my electronics first thing, but they did take some time in between playing games, taking pictures, and going through my beads to spend some QT with me and hoppie. The party was nice and it was neat to meet their local area friends and see their family again.

Eliezer's dad was bowled over that we came down for the event. He said one of the nicest things to hoppie, that I was half listening to between talking to kids. (I'm not sure I got through an entire conversation without kideruptions the entire afternoon.) He told hoppie, "There are people in this world who talk but don't do. You guys are people who do. It means so much to me that always there for them (Eliezer and Nechama)." I would have cried at that if I'd had time to process it.
Have some more pictures.
I will call out this shot that Yehudis took, 'cause it's possibly the best picture I've seen of me and hoppie in a very long time and you may see it again on the the Channukah cards this year.

Yedida fell asleep on me. Wow, is she cute. All the kids are cute really. And most of them have their parents stunning red hair. I do have a weakness for red hair.

And I fixed a bracelet for Nechama. I shouldn't be proud of that because it took me longer to unpack the materials to fix it with than it did to actually fix it, but still. I'm pleased. She'd like me to make her a set of bracelets for her, her MIL, and her SIL. And Devorah Leah wants a bracelet too.

On the way back to the airport hoppie said, "I really had fun this weekend." which is high praise from my husband, who hates to travel, especially if we have to fly to do it.

And when we got home, as we were driving through Revere, I realized, "I'm relaxed and envigorated!" How often do people say that after a vacation!

Of course, I crashed hard last night. Fell asleep on the couch watching the Home Run Derby. (not that it's not generally a bit of a snoozer anyway.) Today, however, I think I'm back to normal.

Didn't even work on the huge queue of beading projects I picked up. Oh well, there's always tonight.
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