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Dreaming again

Couple of strange dreams last night that I barely remember.

In the one I remember most, I was marrying into a shoe company. I was marrying the daughter. I was mostly a guy, although I me too. The company was on the verge of launching its first tennis shoe, a revolutionary design that I felt was going to change the industry, but there were spies in the company trying to sabatoge the company and steal the product. My future-MIL gave a pep talk to the team the day before my wedding, but I told her needed to do more. She didn't want me to tell them about the suspected espionage, but I felt they needed to know their future was being stolen from them by one of them. I asked to give a talk of my own. She tried to talk me out of it. "Trust me." I said.
And I gave a rousing talk that only hinted lightly at sabotage and promoted the idea that this tennis shoe was going to change the industry and make us a major player in the shoe business. The team was well rallied. So then we went off and did the wedding thing. At first I sat in the wrong chair, too far to the end of the head table, but I moved. And there was a lox, tomato, and brei appetizer about which there was some discussion. (There was other food etc. too, but I don't remember what any of that was, probably because we didn't discuss it.)

In this dream, hoppie I and I both had new cars. Mine was red. I was annoyed when I got it as I don't like red cars overmuch. Then hoppie got his. An electric lemon yellow vaguely florescent Saturn. It made mine seem less hideous by comparison. And we went to the old mall that used to be by my parents. I don't know why.
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