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Strange Dream
A friend of mine, who looked like someone from HS AIMed me to take some type of standarized aptitude test with her. So I walk into the next room which is the testing room and get the materials etc. and I sit down. Next to every place is a book, but mine turns out to be a prayer book, and a slim one at that, so I go to get an encyclopedia like everyone else has. Well most people seem to have big encyclopedias, like single volume ones, the only ones left are K and P. So I take K and give P to another friend who came in with me. I place them both between us and hope we can both use them. Across from my friend and one chair further away from (we're each separated by one chair) is the friend who called us in.
After I get the test materials, I move to the other side of the room. (No reason, don't remember doing it, just suddenly I'm there, on a sort of raised border, holding my test book in my hand trying to write on it. Then we get a series of video questions about, what I think is about, Disney songs, (good category for me), so I'm not paying a ton of attention to the video, because I know what Disney songs are from what movie. Then I realize, that's not what they're after, they also want date the copyright on the song runs out. (Now that I've had some time to think about it, I know what this is from. I read an article that states the Happy Birthday song copyright is up in 2010). But I've missed the first one. I ask the proctor (who looks a whole lot like my 7th grade history teacher) if he can run it back, but he snidely blows me off (acts like him too). So as I'm trying desperately to get caught up. (the first one was Mary Poppins, I think and the second one was some type of Little Hiawatha type cartoon that I'd never seen or heard of (because Little Hiawatha is WB, IIRC) I realize that this is test is really odd. I go to sit down at a table near the ledge I've been standing on, and try very hard to see the text and do the 75 year math and pick the copyright. They have it Mtv style in a series of microprint white text made fuzzy by the size they've blown it up to. Then I realize they want the song composer too. The only two composers I remember on the list were The Blues Brothers who I decide worked on The Jungle Book (How do you spell Louie Prima? B....L....U....) and Madonna who I couldn't remember EVERY working on ANY Disney movie. (at least that's still true.)
I woke up very agitated.

Comes the Inquisitor
I know, it's not the name of the chapter. It's actually the name of the Babylon 5 episode, where JMS explains why Jack the Ripper stopped attacking in London. It was a way better episode than this was a chapter.
For the first time I find myself envying those who finished the book quickly. These last few chapters have been torturous. Reading about Harry's detention and the problems with Angelina and now classes with Umbridge have been awful. I've been living with her for nearly a month now, and my whole body feels depressed. I don't even want to continue because I see no way out of the mire for Harry. But I will persevere. So in this chapter, Harry gets another detention from Umbridge for pointing out the Quirrell was under the control of the Dark Lord. Umbridge wanders around spying on the other teachers and really rattles Professor Glittering Dragonfly. Doesn't make a dent in McGonagall who really gives her short shrift. There's some more focus on the absence of Hagid and the chapter ends with Harry returning from detention to a request from Hermione to educate her and Ron in the defense against dark arts. Harry points out that his only defense is quick thinking and dumb luck and they all go to bed.

Oh, and did I mention the Red Sox are going to New York?
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