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Two dreams

I had a dream last night that I got a bunch of fish, about 8, and I didn't have a place to put them, so I put them in my parents upstairs bathroom (which now that I think about it, was pre-remodeling (which happened when I was in HS)). I was standing in the tub with the fishies and adding the water. On the side of the tub, out of the water there were two small stuffed animals. While I watched, two of the fish jumped out of the water in sync and grabbed a corner of the plushies and dragged them into the water, so they could play with them.

I went and told everyone what I'd seen, and they pointed out that fish have toys in their tanks all the time to play with. And I remember all the things we used to have, and those were really just for us. The fish never really seemed to notice them, unless they were swimming in or around them. But it was true, there were toys, but stuffed animals?!

Then one of my friends was petting a fish which was contentedly playing with a small stuffed puppy. My friend told me that the fish could survive outside of water until their skin dried off.

This dream was sort of all over the place. Before the party, I was at my friend Rachel's house. Technically her parents house. I was talking to her dad. He died while I was in college. I don't remember much of the conversation, but I remember talking to him while Rachel's mother puttered around in the kitchen and Rachel and I were wondering in and out of rooms.

Then I was at my parents house, and I drove the car to the party. I had to wait for Jill because she had my ticket. The party was not just my high school reunion, but everyone in my year in high school for the whole city. On the way in, (waiting for Jill, who is neither from my city, nor graduated HS the same year as me, go figure) I ran into dozens of people I knew. I stopped and talked and then Jill got there with the tickets and we went inside. I don't actually remember seeing Jill, really, I just assume I ran into her because I got inside. Maybe someone recognized me and let me in, for all I know.
I remember being struck by the feeling that I was carrying an entirely empty dress purse. I put it in the coat room wondering what the hell I'd brought it for if it didn't have anything in it. No money, no driver's license or anything. I also had (but not in the purse, although I think it would have fit) a small brown notebook of some type which I left with my purse in the coat room.
Then I went to go join my friends at a table. The room was huge (it would have had to have been) and I met up with hoppie (who hadn't been there up till now) and we took seats with some friends of mine. the problem was my seat kept slipping backwards and we were on the top of some ridiculous slant. I just couln't get the seat to sit properly. I kept grabbing onto the table to hold the seat in place. Then I asked if we could sit on the other side of the table, maybe that side was on flatter ground. It was and it wasn't. I didn't fair much better there. I went to go look for another table, and I saw Rachel and Judy talking as they walked across the room. I felt a pang of jealousy and went to go join them. And then I think I woke up.
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