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Give me a moron with talented hands

1. Had a blood draw today. She did a good job. Left barely a mark. And listened to me when I recommended she take blood from the right side rather than the left. It's refreshing to be listened to in that case.

2. Woke up coughing. Feel icky. Glad I made my allergist appointment last week. I considered calling and changing it to today, but I think I'll be okay. I've started popping Claratin and cough drops. That should do something. Just not sure what.

3. Is it too soon to call the people who have my Mac and find out if they can save my data? I'm not freaking out, I just miss it. I feel the void where the mac should be. I wish they had an automated system so I could check on it without seeming like a stupid jerk who can't live without her macintosh for a day.

That's what I'm thinking about just now.
Tags: electronics, tmi

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