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Dressed for hiding in my office

I have an appointment with my allergist tomorrow. Which is good because since I called and made the appointment on Thursday last week, I've gotten exponentially worse. Now I can't hardly swallow and some other things you don't really want to know about.

Last night we got to see Lori and Leah who were in town for Brian's wedding. It was pretty brief since the girls were tired, and so was I. I went to bed straight upon returning home. It took me an hour or two to get to sleep and then at 1:00 I was wide awake and feeling crappy. Hoppie had just gone to bed so he wasn't in much of a mood to be around me either, particularly as I was rather grumpy and unpleasant.

Eventually though, I did get back to sleep and slept clear through to 5:30. Then I went to work.

So I'm driving to work and I get as far as the end of my street when I notice the road is closed. A police car blocks off the road in one direction. The other direction there's some type of vehicle that turns out to be a public works vehicle, but it's non-obvious what it's doing there. I assume there's some type of accident since there are cars and people milling about.

The police officer who's job might be to direct to traffic is talking to some woman. I wait there for a few minutes for instructions, then turn off in my usual direction to go to work. Then the cop finally wakes up and tells me I can't go that way. There's a down tree blocking the road. Bastard. Like it would have killed you to mention that when I first started waiting for to tell me something useful. So I go through the Salon parking lot that's directly across from my street and take back roads to work.

That is all.
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