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Mac update

Mac dead. Bad disk. hr_macgirl helped diagnose the problem.
Took to Apple. Disk under warrentee (good!) data recovery nonexistant (bad!)
Called ckd who recommended Tech Superpowers on Newbury street (good!).
Dropped off mac.

So I got the call from Tech Superpowers yesterday. They can't recover the data. I'm having them send the drive to drive savers, the place Apple originally recommended to do the data recovery. I'm now looking at a recovery cost of up to 3,000$ And unfortunately, damnit, I still think it's worth it. I can't replace some of that data. I just hope they can recover it. Now I'm looking at a week+ turn-around time, but the drive replacement and drive transportation to and from California.

I'm not whining, really, but I miss my computer. Especially when I'm sick, 'cause I always wake up in the middle of the night and want to do something with it. Like last night.
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