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Arrive work at 6:30.
Leave work at 11:30 sick as a dog.
Go home. See hoppie off to work.
Have lunch.
Talk to Tech Superpowers (see previous post.)
Sleep from 1ish to 3ish.
Meeting from 3:00-3:45.
Read Sharpe until 6ish.
Get ready for dinner.
Elaine picks me up for dinner.
We pick up Joan.
We meet Rich and spend many hours catching up and sharing evil old workplace stories.
Get home around 10:00.
Go to sleep. Sleep until like 1ish.
Hoppie wakes me up by turning on the Sox game.
Sleep a bit more. Hoppie tells me the Sox won their game and that he's been watching it on mute so as not to disturb me.
More sleep.
Wake at 2.
Can't get back to sleep for anything. Coughing constantly has given me a headache too.
Go downstairs at 4:00 to try to find medicine for anything...cough, headache, mallet to knock myself out with. I'm not fussy at this point. Also, for the last hour or so, I've had lines from Unbreakable running around in my head and I'm convinced, if nothing else works, the mallet will fix that.
Find my winter supply of cough medicine. Down a respectable dose. Still can't find headache meds. Decide that's good enough and go back upstairs.
Feel bizarrely sick after taking meds. Wonder if the meds have turned. Then feel okay and sleep until 7:00.
Wake up coughing.
My dreams seemed to repeat themselves and involve people in the witness protection program. Odd and not interesting, even to the sleeping me.
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