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Road to Recovery

So the doctor suspects, without testing, that it's an bacterial infection and gave me:

a course of antibiotics
nasal spray decongestant (although she encourages me to pick up a decongestant antihistamine too)
and an inhaler, just for kicks.

Be jealous of lizzielizzie. She makes one slight whine about how she forgot lunch and people are lining up to help her out. Amanda even brought her (and therefore me, Jean, and Bailey) raspberries and blueberries. YUM!

I slept through the night last night. Hoppie and I had this conversation this morning:
Me: Did you get your laundry done last night?
Hoppie: Yes.
Me: And I slept through it? (presumably he turned on the lights and rummaged around and stuff.)
Hoppie: Mostly. You did tell me I rock for some reason I didn't hear.
Me: Probably for providing dinner.
Hoppie: Maybe
Me: Although I thought I said that downstairs.
Hoppie: Don't know. Just know you think I rock.
Me: And it must be how I really feel since I was too asleep to lie about it.
Hoppie: Yup. That's what I think.

I think this drug is making me sleepy.
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