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Dreaming away

Starting off with a question for everyone (then I trail off into boring stuff)

What do people do for home backup systems? I would like something that's easy to maintain and relatively lost cost? Is the right thing to do DVD backup on a bi-weekly basis with fulls every 6 months?

My dreams have been very strange the last couple of nights. Very closely tied to what I've been doing, seeing, and reading. It's odd to have dreams that are cross-overs between pop-culture sci-fi like Eureka and military historical fiction like Sharpe.

I haven't had any deep philosophical insights or anything. I haven't heard that status of my mac since it got shipped California-way. Hoppie talked me into ordering (if they still have it in stock, I'll find out in a few weeks) the Epic Sharpe collection. I've wanted it for a long time. It's wicked expensive though.
Still, these things have a way of disappearing if you don't jump on them fast enough. Hopefully I'll manage to get one before they're gone forever.

Still very tired. Still sound like I'm gargling gravel. Still can barely hear out of my left ear and only slightly better out of my right. Which gives my gravelly voice this cool echo effect, although, of course, only I can hear that.

But we hit 45% and our target goal for this month's collab. Go us!
Tags: dream, electronics, movies, tmi, work
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