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weekend roundup

Weekend was good. Spent most of it in bed.
Friday: napped until hoppie dragged me downstairs. Had dinner with hoppie. Went to sleep around 1:30.
Saturday Slept till 11. Made deviled eggs until around 12. (There were a lot of eggs. Also, I grind my own mustard seed.)
Went back to bed until 2:30.
Finished the devilled eggs. Went to hoppie's aunt's picnic with said devilled eggs.
Stayed awake until we left.
Went to sleep when we got home.
Sunday: Woke up at 8:00.
Stayed in bed until 10.
Went to the pharmacy.
Got LJS and the best hush puppies they've ever made. Brilliant.
Got home around noon.
Stayed in bed until 4ish.
Got up, took a shower.
Got back in bed and read the newspaper until hoppie dragged me off to his parents.
Got home from hoppie's parents and went straight back to bed.
Monday: Woke up at 6.
Got up, took a shower.
Got back in bed until 8.

I think I spent more time in bed this weekend, awake or asleep, than I have in months. But I am feeling a bit better. All bitten up from the weekend, though.
Tags: family, tmi

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