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When do the good things start?

Both of my dreams were depressing last night. I think I feel alienated and abandoned.

Me and a couple of other people were trying to find the heirloom jewelery treasure. We didn't know where it was or where to find it, or even what it was. All we had were a bunch of slides and this odd slide box with a one side made of a strange film.
Eventually we figured out that if you looked at the slides through the film, the treasure glowed in the pictures on the slides. It was a bunch of very old, valuable unstrung (or temporarily strung) pearls. The pictures showed them various ways, as a handle on a purse, as a necklace etc.
So I asked my brother where they were. He was mad that I asked for the pearls and flung handfulls of them at me from the top of the stairs. One of the people grabbed the dog to keep him from eating/stepping on or otherwise damaging the pearls. Brian (my brother) was mad because one of the pearls, a less valuable one, was apparently a gift to him for the collection. I suppose I could have offered to give it back to him. But I was too busy gathering up the things he'd tossed at me and debating about whether to temporarily string them again, or make it permanent, but then I don't know how to do knots between the pearls, so I wasn't sure.

In dream too, I was in a store with hoppie, or maybe a Dentist's office and we ran into my old roommate Kendra. I recognized her instantly and was delighted to see her as I've often thought of her and was upset that we lost contact after my sophomore year, even though we didn't have all that much in common. In the dream she was polite and sweet like always, but when I tried to get her phone number and give her mine so we could keep in touch, she refused and said that she really didn't want to keep in touch with me. She was visiting or moving to MA to be near her aunt and uncle (dentists) and her aunt was very sweet to me, but I didn't feel any better.

I got a call this afternoon from Drive Savers. Actually from TechSuperpowers. They got a call from DriveSavers. The disk is unrecoverable.
They are sending the drive back. I am thinking I might bring my old mac to TS to have them load the data onto the new mac drive.

I can recover some of the stuff I guess. At least I have some various and sundry media I can cobble things together with:

Orb disks
Flash drives
CF disks
old Mac
Hoppie's old PC
my UNIX accounts
Installation disks for my software.


Now if that don't put you in the spirit of the holiday, nothing will.
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