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A word on retail therapy

I went shopping last night in an effort to cheer myself up. I left from work and went straight to WalMart. It was actually a pretty wild shopping trip.
In the parking lot at Walmart, this van had left itself blocking 4 cars in. I parked nearby. As I walked in, one of the women who had been parked in got herself through patience and maniuplation and as she was leaving the parking lot she shouted at the van "Real Classy!"
And I'm thinking, well, this is Walmart after all, home of class and refinement.

So why was I in Walmart you ask? Well, to be perfectly honest, they're the only ones who still sell my favorite trashy romances. Also, they have Tide Free, which is not as easy to come by as it once was and hoppie prefers it. Prefers it to the point of madness. So I'm stocking up whenever I can.

I also bought a replacement for my backpack. My backpack, which I used in college, now has romantic paperback sized holes in it, at least according to hoppie. I have not, as far as I can tell, actually lost anything out of it, but it was part of my great luggage search to achieve a new piece of carry on luggage.

The other week I got suitcases (which I can't remember if I mentioned or not) a weekender bag and a slightly larger bag. This new carry on, is kinda briefcase like, but with smallish front pockets that will hold overflow toiletries. Hoppie thinks it's smaller than the backpack and he might be right, but I think it will probably work. I probably can't overload it with my camera stuff. We'll see. The biggest difference is the shape of the central pocket. The backpack is obviously more flexible. I'll try the big camera case in there tonight and see how it goes.

My nephews are so frigging cute

I have more to say, but I'm so flat out today, that it's not going to happen right now.
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