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weekend roundup

So picked up a little camera for 10$ this weekend. It's never going to replace my regular digital camera, but it's cute and the pictures aren't terrible, for a little thing.

I spent some time cleaning my office on Saturday and then we went over rockers as per usual.

Sunday, I woke up, tried to get back to sleep and couldn't. So I went over to Liz's and tied strings for a couple of hours. Then we took my other mac to TechSuperpowers so they could load the data onto the new disk whenever it arrives. It occurred to me I could probably have bought a serial to USB converter (actually I already have one from my old TRGPro hotsync cable). But it's best not to think too much about it. I'm sure they'll do it better than me, and faster. I want my computer back.

Then to hoppie's parents' house. I played marching band with Heather. And Go fish (with no cards), and pecking chicken, and all manner of other things. And we saw the second half of hoppie's parents Alaska pictures. Kevin is moving around quite a bit, but he gets crabby by the end of the day. I guess I do too.

I really enjoyed the Jasper Fforde. I'm recommending it to hoppie. It's got a lot of the things he enjoys in British comedies.

I started a new bracelet or necklace (depending on how long it comes out) in pink and green using tubular peyote stitch. I also got some materials to work on those earrings for my friend. I still need to do her bracelets.

I've also got some ideas for some earrings for me.

And I bought a pair of earrings yesterday. Beautiful green earrings.
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