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I'm doing a lot of thrashing this morning. I'm trying to determine what the documentation means to see if it's right or not. It's clearly ambiguous, or it wouldn't take me this long to verify it.

So after much deleting, reconfiguring, and deleting again, I've just gotten my server running. Go me.

Now I've forgotten what I wanted it for. Thank goodness I wrote it down (see above).

Now it's complaining I configured it wrong.

I think I'll take this opportunity to talk about the Mac.
So we picked it up yesterday. I hate the way they set it up, but just because it's different than what Apple did to set up my mac originally. I'll learn to live with it. What they did was copy all my data into a folder so I'll have to apportion it out correctly on the drive.

Then I spent a lot of time installing programs.
They upgraded my OS, but they didn't install iLife (maybe because they didn't know what version I had). I noticed when I tried to put a directory of photos on disk. They also didn't set up Classic (OS 9). Oddly enough, they did put on a new version of iTunes.

iLife (iMovie, GarageBand, iPhoto)
Setup OS 9
Installed one set of printer drivers (Epson)
SuperDuper! (which was recommended as a backup solution by more readers at macintouch)
And my slots program which actually works on this OS! Hurray! I can finally play with my cartoon slot machines. I may be finished configuring the mac. I may just play slots until it dies again.

Forgot to configure the client. That's what I screwed up. Idiot. Imbecile.

More later.
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