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Jimmy Fund telethon - But here in my heart, I give you the best of my love.

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August 18th, 2006

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09:18 am - Jimmy Fund telethon
The WEEI Jimmy Fund telethon to raise money for cancer research and support of children with cancer is underway.
It's a good cause. Hoppie and I gave last year and we will give again this year.

Jews and Catholics and probably many other religions believe that charity will soften the evil decree. I know Solies and I have discussed this on more than one occasion because in my opinion, he uses G-d like a wishing well. Any issue, no matter how trivial or how crucial becomes fair game for requests. My feelings are different. I don't generally like to bother G-d with my issues. I pray for things like health for other people and this speaks to the charity issue as well. I give charity either because its' the right thing to do. People in position of power have a responsibility to people in a position of lesser power. I also give money in memory of people, as a way to honour the things that they believed were important in life. I've also given money in gratitude for the blessings that G-d has given me. I have not given money to a charity as a prelude to requesting a favour from G-d. And I can't even believe I'm considering it.

I'm the person who doesn't get in your face when I've done something and say, "Look at this fabulous thing I have done FOR YOU!" (unless it's to Elaine, and then it's a joke mocking someone else who does that, which isn't the same thing at all.) I do what I do and I expect people to notice and be appreciative or not as according to their nature, and I'm okay with that. It's a measure of desperation that I would even consider tacking a condition onto a charitable donation.

One does not blackmail G-d. For many reasons. One, it doesn't work. I don't personally believe that G-d negotiates with terrorists. I do believe he accepts supplications, and it's not like we're talking buying indulgences, which I don't believe ever worked. One could look at it as a little reminder, "Hello, G-d, I'm here, doing good works in the world. How about some reciprocity!" If you believe that G-d has a master plan and everything comes out right, that's practically blasphemy, until you realize, that maybe your donation is part of the grand plan and it has to happen that way, except that way lies madness. You can rationalize doing anything as part of "G-d's plan," and then you're back to Adolf Eichmann's trial explaining that if G-d didn't want it to happen, it wouldn't have, so you're clearly innocent, with the world looking at you shaking it's collective head and saying, "I don't think it works that way."

And so, as always, I will clear my head and give money with an open and generous heart, not because I expect anything, not because I want anything, but because it's the right thing to do, the only moral thing to do. Because there are other people in world who are suffering, and need the help. Because it's important from time to time to remember that I don't corner the market on suffering. Many people have it worse. If you can, please donate to help.
For more information about the Jimmy Fund or the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, please check out their websites.
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