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The Unbearable Lightness of Meetings

I am the gater of the meeting. I have meetings:
Daily 11-12 (always runs this long, and usually over)
Tuesday 10:30-12:00 (every other week - please don't ask how I show up at 2 meetings at once. I'm not sure I've figured it out yet myself)
Tuesday 3-5 (it never runs that long)
Thursday 10:30-11:00. Always runs into the 11:00 meeting. Fortunately it's with most of the same people.

I used to have a meeting Thursday afternoon, but I think yesterday was the last one of those. Unfortunately my meeting schedule as it is generates many conflicts (with other people who have other meetings). My boss is trying to find a free afternoon, I think we've got it down to Tuesday at 1 or Friday at 2.

Ah, the word is out!
Friday 2-3
to the list.
And I expect hourly status reports explaining why you're behind!
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