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What a ridiculous afternoon. I think I sent my karma into a tailspin for leaving that meeting early, even though Rick said I actually didn't miss anything I needed to hear (which is a relief).
I'm having more problems with a developer who keeps giving me near-miss information. If my accuracy was off like that, I'd be sharply censured. I have no idea what to do about it. I wonder if his mind is just on other things. It's really annoying to change things to match what he said only to find out I had it right the first time, he just wasn't seeing it, or to look for something in the location he says only to find that it's not there, it's somewhere else, and even that information isn't really what I want.
It makes me feel so stupid to be dependant on other people for information, but I can't invent it all from whole cloth (yes, I eventually do, but I try to get real information first!) I was so upset about (something? who only knows what? It's probably potato chip withdrawal) the misinformation, I almost just sat here cried. I could feel a tear forming in my right eye that I refused to acknowledge, so it gave up and went away. (Right! Score one for me!)
Someone (who is normally both sweet and sensible) disturbed my working (really, working, not ljing) to tell me that she left something on the chair of the guy across the hall. Did I miss the part where I care? No disrepect intended, but, um, he can see his chair and figure out that someone left something on it. I awarded myself a silver star for not saying anything nasty and snide like that. It would have been a gold star, but my thoughts were so hostile, I didn't feel I really deserved that.
However I did earn a gold star just now for calling back someone who I've been supposed to talk to all week. Huwayne for Marci!
I still feel like pulling my hair out by the roots.
I'm hoping Carrie is at Curves today because I have to tell her I can't do this diet.
iceburg lettuce, my favorite kind, contains carbs. I think that knowledge has totally blown my carb count to hell for the three days I thought I was being good. Actually, only two days. I didn't have lettuce yesterday.
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