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A funny work dream

I was sick of having to fix the printer all the time, so I moved my computer into the printer room so I'd be able to immediately fix any problems. The first problem was that the line printer tabs were in the laser printer. So I pulled those out and reset the laser printer and went to work.
Then my boss came in with the localization manager and they told me the product name was changing from Open M (not our product) to a name, well, have a picture of the name, . Seriously. My response was, "Have you told Aura yet?"
My boss said no.
I asked, "Can I be there when you tell her?"
I didn't say, "I just want to see her face." and that wasn't the only reason. I said, "Because we had a bet going on what name would change first."
"Who won?"
"Honestly, I don't remember." and then I said something that I honestly don't remember, maybe it was, "But I still want to be there."

Liz, Bailey's gift should be on my doorstep when I get home, whenever that is.
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