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If nothing else happens this weekend, I am a success. I have cleaned out a corner of my office and installed the last of the bookshelves we had in the house that wasn't set up. This means several things:
1) I can buy new bookshelves while they're on SALE! for 25% off without forcing hoppie to break his word, "No new bookshelves until the ones we have are set up."
2) I can move on to the next phase of my office reconstruction, which is getting stuff out of boxes and onto bookshelves and clearing space for the unassembled file cabinet in the basement to come up and be counted. Right now there are 4 boxes in the file cabinet space.

I need to get the shredder out here really. I think it's completely buried in another room. I'm debating getting a free-standing unit to put in my office. The problem with my existing trash can top shredder, which I didn't think about when I bought it 5 years ago, is that I don't really have a trash can free to put on. And in all that time I've never bought one. Or maybe it's just the gadget lust talking. I can never tell. Do I need a new shredder? Or do I just want one?
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