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Too many (documentation) apples

And I think my favorite part was when my example required me to perform genetic manipulation of fruit.

We’re geneticists making fruit.

Fruit is our top level module. Fruit has a dynamic reference to the following fruits : Apple Trunk:Latest and Banana Trunk:Latest. When my href was created, those were at Apple 1.1.2 and Banana 1.5

For apple, I really like my Granny Smith version 1.3. I always want to refer to that version. Granny Smith has an href to seeds that always takes the latest version of seeds under normal circumstances, but at the time it was created used version My hierarchy looks like this:
Apple Trunk:Latest
Granny 1.3
Banana Trunk:Latest

static - shows hierarchy at the time all the hrefs were created using version number
Apple 1.1.2
Granny 1.3
Banana 1.5

dynamic - shows hierarchy now, using tags. (for more info see href mode)
Apple Trunk:Latest
Granny 1.3
Seeds Trunk:Latest
Banana Trunk:Latest
Tags: work

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