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Voice Post: Finally my turn for wild irrelevancies...

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“Just a few words I could make out.....

"I'm just leaving Dr Kay's office and she pronounced me perfect. I didn't even need a follow-up appointment. I don't know what that means but it sounds good doesn't it? I AM perfect. She is generously well that doesn't matter. It seriously doesn't matter. The point is I'm in great shape.

So, with that in mind lets move on to what's been going on

I've been too busy doing work!

I'm learning to crochet. I think I told you guys my first crochet class thing was on Wednesday... and omigod I sucked. I'm not saying I don't suck now, but I sucked a lot more on Wednesday. I sucked so bad on Wednesday, they sent me home with homework. Well, Violet sent me home with homework. Terrible, terrible! But I went home Wednesday night and I did a bunch of stitches. I made a big long chain of stiches and then yesterday she taught me how to do a single crochet, so I went back to my long line of chains with a single crochet last night after we went out with ....

We got six bookshelves which is three total bookshelves, because each bookshelf is half of a whole. Sounds stupid but I'm.... with that.

Each bookshelf is three bookshelves which is stackable

We got six bookshelves which is equivalent to three bookshelves in our house and I'm very pleased with that.

The goal for this weekend is not a bookshelf, the goal for this weekend is to create enough space to get the area behind my desk clear and to get all of those things that are in crates or boxes back there either appropriately assigned to a location for instance I'm not putting the ... press in my office, I'm going to put it in Hoppie's office. I bought it for him. So that's going to go in his office.

And then all my school stuff, I'll unpack it and put it on the bookshelf like normal people out of the crates they've been in since college.

Throw the crates away because they are trying to disintegrate anyway.

I've been like how can plastic disintegrate, it's so brittle, you touch it, it breaks and cracks, well cracks and then breaks. So I'll get rid of all that stuff. Ideally what I'd really like to have happen this weekend is that I'll get enough space cleared out on the side of my office so I'll all the space behind my desk cleared out and then all the space to the right of my desk will be clear enough to put file cabinets and I have file cabinets downstairs which need to come up and be assembled and I can handle that. I just need the space for it and it will go right next to the bookshelf I put up last weekend which I cleared space for.

But I'm really pleased with the way things are proceeding on that front.

Dr Kay recommended a therapist and I put a call in and we'll see how that goes, and I told her what I didn't want and she said that this is the woman who saw her daughter so that's how highly she thinks of her. So I'm comfortable with that. That will be in Cambridge so maybe I'll fix to meet up with Janice or Helen or Chris or somebody while I'm up there which depends on how it goes and when it goes and all that good stuff. I don't know, just an amazing feeling to be told by your neurologist you can .... God knows how many years. Your in good shape.

I feel like its a new phase for me. I don't know, but so anyway moving away from that, work has been wild and I've been exhausted. I mean I've just come home and crashed. mmm... It's been busy... but good. I have a meeting this afternoon, in fact I'm not entirely sure if the meeting is this afternoon or was this morning so maybe I've missed it. That would suck wouldn't it? I think I'm just going to concentrate on getting the work done.


I think I'm going to”

Transcribed by: ibarhis

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