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Looking on the wrong side

Much rant and angsting. I'll spare you all, not by not telling you, but by


I'm a terrible dieter. Bad girl. You are not properly a fat burning machine. Which isn't the worst of it. The rice and stuff can be easily worked around, but the worst part is the normally eating two meals a day. Must have six. Six. How can anyone eat six times a day. (well what about second breakfast!) I know, they're small meals, but it's hard. I tried. I got as many as three. Carrie was horrified. Said I'm starving myself in a bad way. Asked what I did normally. I said this is pretty much what I do normally, except the food that I eat at those two times are less healthy. Although I suppose I did snack "normally". But there are no snack foods I can eat, so I gave that up totally. Can't do that. Need to find snack foods (and protein damnit!) that I will eat. Even if I'm not hungry. 8-(


I'm dreadfully behind. No focus. No interest. No attention. I don't even want to talk about it. The most interesting thing to happen to me is that Rick, no technically our Greek QA diety wants me to do a script with Paul. The Boss says if I'm a good girl and finish my work, I may do it Monday. But only if I'm finished. Meanwhile, Marc had a ton of corrections on ACE. He wanted to know why he didn't see this before. Yell at your former boss. He ignores every mail I send just to see if it will go away. And I have slightly more interesting things to do than chase him around.


Is wonderful.

So at least that.
I'm going off to starve my body with food some more,

And America was amazing. They did all my favorites: Mary, Daisy Jane, Lonely People (and covered George Harrison's), and they really got the crowd going with their closing numbers: Sandman, California Dreaming (cover), Sister Golden Hair, and a very fabulous encore: Horse with No Name. Most gratifying.
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