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liquigels are very attractive.

Shofar, so good video

Bloody hell, how did I end up with just the really, really hard commands left to do!

My bead challenge for September is freaking beautiful. It's not done yet, but it's already stunning. This is not me congratulating myself, because I didn't really do much.

Speaking of beading challenge, Liz, the link to your August bc doesn't work. The others all seem to, but I didn't see yours. I don't think I saw Kathy's either, but it's lovely. There were a bunch I didn't see.

I'm crocheting a kippah (religious hat) for hoppie for his birthday. I'm about 1/3rd done with it after spending about an hour working on it at lunchtime today. It's lavender, like our wedding colors.

I want to do a poll, but alas, no time.
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