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I'm really dragging today.
This year's Garlic festival wasn't as good as last years, although hoppie and I were smart and experienced garlickers this year.

1) We got the garlic ice cream first. It sells out quickly. Later we heard someone talking about how they'd sold out. And the guy manning the booth when we got ours said he'd be surprised if it lasted as long as an hour after we left, and probably they'd be sold out within the half hour.

2) I didn't buy any blown glass this year. Nothing really grabbed me. They did have on fused glass vendor and we got a pair of earrings for Carla's birthday present, and a purple sparkly barrette for my hair.

3) There were some produce sellers, but no real plant selling this year like last year. There were a lot of herbs, tinctures, oinments, and salves. And a guy who made spoons into things. And for this they kicked out my shampoo dealer? I don't think so. I'm going to write them a grouchy mail about that. The two honey product vendors they had sold very pedestrian offerings, the same type of things you could get anywhere, even Walgreens, for example.

4) Hoppie did get garlic. He purchased fewer varieties this year vs last year. Next year we might do a 5 pound assortment. That's what I'd like. But I could be insane.

The festival is definitely getting bigger, and the weather was much better this year than last year. But I liked last year's better, just more stuff that interested me and it seemed better organized. Maybe I'll volunteer to help out next year and see if I can do my part to make it better.
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