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My lack of sleep

So this morning hoppie asks me if I remember the conversation we had last night.
"Sure," I replied, "You asked me if I'd turned the airconditioner on. And I replied that I turned it on when I went to bed, but then turned it off when it was comfortable."
"Do you remember thanking me for rescuing the unlimited wish globe for the wishfactory?"
"Uh, no."
"You called me your hero!"
"I see. Was there perhaps a break between the two conversations."
"No." Hoppie replied, "That's what confused me."

But still, he is my hero. Even in my dreams. Awwww.

I can't vote for Deval Patrick. I want to. I want to feel the democratic kinship, but I just can't. I think his platform is irresponsible. In Kentucky, I'd be a leftie, hippie, liberal democrat. Stand my positions up next to Deval Patrick and suddenly I look like a conservative republican.

And I don't want to vote for Healy. She's fixin' to run the most negative campaign in the history of this state, and I'm supposed to condone it by voting for her? But hell, what are my options? Last time when I didn't like either dem (Shannon THE EVIL) or republican (Mitt the carpetbagger), I voted Green. Now I'm afraid to do that because what if my vote is the different between the two candidates. Bleh.
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