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3 card poker (damn near killed him)

I spoke to my dad last night after going out with jtn, kyzoku, karnil, and lensedsqo (more on that later, maybe). My dad (on his birthday, no less) got a straight flush in 3 card poker at the casino (Bellterra in/around Cincinnati). Paid off at 100-to-1. And poor guy only had a $5 bet. He said they had to review the play on the camera to make sure there was no hanky panky going on.

How's that for cool?

Tomorrow we leave for Kentucky. I'm all tense about traveling. I don't know why. I'm tense about a lot of things lately. Did I mention that was near tears during Tom Reilly's concession speech? And I don't even particularly like Tom Reilly. I was just so bummed that he put so much energy into the campaign to lose. And I was thinking how brave he was to try even facing the possibility of a loss. I had myself under control by the time I heard Gabrielli's concession speech so I wasn't as near tears. Also he trashed-talked Kerry Healy (deservedly so, I thought) so that helped.

I hope my parents aren't too mean to me this trip. I think I'll burst into tears. Not that they'd be mean to me intentionally, but, I'm feeling really drained. Work is very fast-paced and I feel like I haven't slept properly in weeks.
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