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Nothing of substance. Just some dream logs

I was rearranging my bedroom in my parent's house. I moved all the furniture but the bed. My parents were out for the evening. My brother went out too, but before he went me out, he came by to tell me to stay away from Nat (my nephew) who was sleeping. I asked, what if he wakes up? He's got a babysitter. Just leave him alone." he told me. Then he put a record on a turntable so I could listen to this song he wanted me to hear. I didn't especially want to hear it, and I tried to tell him that, but he ignored me. I went back to reorganizing. I moved my vanity desk, two dressers, and I wanted to bring up some shelves from downstairs to make a bookcase. I asked Dad to bring them up when he got back. He carried them both at the same time. I wish I could do that.

I was standing outside near a car with a friend or relative, can't remember who, and we were looking at a shipment of books from Amazon. This is the more surprising as I tend not to buy from Amazon. Anyway, in the box were lost books. Amazon had taken to returning books that people listed to their original owners. I said to my friend that was the sort of thing that would earn brand loyalty from me. I'd feel like I had to buy from Amazon, even though their prices suck, because I'd feel like owed them.

The first part of dream, a bunch of people presented J.K. Rowling with a huge (and I mean big) illustrated, leather bound volume of one of the Harry Potter books. Then we discussed casting for Umbridge and I was wandering past someplace displaying a trailer for the movie. I continued wandering with one of my friends until we got to my tent. There were two men in it. They told me about they were planning to turn the tent into a brothel and ultimately control all the sex in the area. I was unphased and mocked them openly. The leader told me it was true, and soon I'd have to go to him to get what I wanted or what I deserved.
I told him what I wanted was a man who understood me, respected my boundries, listened when I spoke, loved being with me, and was a nice guy besides. Do you think I'm going to get that?" He shook his head, "Me neither, and that regardless of what you do. So there's nothing you can deprive me of that I already don't have."
Then he started bragging again about this great money-making scheme he was setting up to run brothels only he had to get it set up before the prefects found out about it. Otherwise they'd quash it.
"Bad luck, pal. I'm a prefect, so they already know about it."
Then I started to kick him out of the tent. They tried to tell me it was their tent, but insisted it was mine. Cluster 6, tent 30. They insisted it was theirs. My friend pointed out that we were actually in cluster 7, tent 30, so it could likely be theirs. I I turned them out anyway. Then I turned to my friend. "We're really at cluster 7?"
"Oh." So I left the tent and we started walking to my actual tent. When we were nearly there, I heard the sound of someone running up to us. I turned around and took out the follower guy with a quick punch/push combination. Then the leader of the two came at me. I destroyed him. Broke several bones and left him there. My friend and I walked to my tent. "The problem is," I told him, "There's too much going on at once. Like if you find me dead in the morning, is it part of some elaborate evil scheme, or is it just because a hothead wants revenge? We should just have one problem at a time."
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