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The issues

1. I'm going to vote yes. 5 licenses additional / town doesn't make a dent in the insane blue laws of this state, but every little bit helps, right? The argument that convenience store clerks don't know how to check Ids to make sure underaged children aren't buying alcohol is beyond ludicrous. 'cause they're the ones who check ids for smokes, right? So they're doing it already and have been for quite some time.

2. I'm going to vote no. I understand both sides of the issue, but if a minority party wants to endorse a major party candidate, they should endorse the candidate, not sponsor his or her name a second time on the same ballot. I don't agree with the authored opinion that it will cause confusion. I just think it's stupid and pointless.

3. I'm waiting for my friend who runs an independent child care facility to tell me how to vote. I'm for whatever makes her life better.
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