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Thoughts for the day

Saw the other Dr. K. yesterday, the allergist one who's got Mrs. Blinky for a drug rep. He gave me drugs. And I think it's great. He's got me on antibiotics and a cough suppressant that's supposed to be wonderful. It's these tiny yellow bubble-like pills.

After that, I did some Liz therapy and made a ring for QAPrincess (pink, purple, and blue. It is soooo cute you could just die from the cute overload). Then I made a ring and half for Liz to sell.

Then I went to check out a new massueuse. She was very soothing and gentle. She's not Delia. But that's hard to come by and I've told myself I'm going to stop moping. I need to make a note to myself to tell her I want her to work on my knees next time, and my hands and arms. That's what I realized after I left that I missed.

I picked up some new yarn colours to play with. The solid metalic pink is what I'm going to use for next week's project, a stitch sampler/scarfesque thing.

There was something else, oh right. My Weird Al album arrived last night, after I was just whining to lowercaseb about not having it. I think it was improved by watching the DVD before listening to the album, but he's's not his best work. I do like 3 or 4 of the songs. I don't like "Pancreas" nearly as much as he seems to, though. I'm listening to it thinking, "All that effort for a song that isn't that good." Feels like a waste. I was a little bummed that they didn't have the "White and Nerdy" video on the DVD side. I did like the Robot Chickenesque video to "Weasel Stomping Day." Must remember to share that with hoppie and and rocker. And the video for "Close, but no Cigar" was fabulous. It elevated the song.
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