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Saturday night, I dreamed that I was listening to a baseball game on radio. They said the Yankees won in walk-off fashion. As I heard this, my sleeping mind instantly began to argue, "That can't be! They lost to Detroit already. It must have been a different. You must be listening to Padres/Cardinals." The radio went on to announce that it was a 10-run walk-off homerun. Instantly my mind started to correct that, even as the audio I was listening to clearly showcased the audience counting the runs as they came in. "You must have misheard. There's no such thing as a 10 run homerun." I think I woke myself up with my doubting.

In this dream, I went with a friend to help his friend look at a condo. We walked in from the back. There was a nice-sized sitting room. I'm not sure this dream matters all that much, really. It was a great condo, I thought if friend's friend didn't want it, for 5,000$, hoppie might. (or maybe it was 15,000. Being a dream, and me still being me, it's hard to tell.)
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