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Time it was and what a time it was.

How to go to work on a holiday.

I've never had Columbus day off, and I wasn't planning on taking the whole day off (feeling somewhat behind on work) but "circumstances" conspired against me.
Hoppie and I went to the Topsfield Fair, the oldest annual agricultural fair in the US. I got a hair wrap. I should take a picture of it. I probably will. So did hoppie. His is prettier than mine. Mine is subtle and his is "wow!" But I'm management, and you have to take that into account. He's a working shlub who's boss doesn't live in the same time zone.

Friday is part of the reason that I wanted to work yesterday. I overslept and missed a management type meeting that I was supposed to be running.

Anyway, after we left the fair, we had resolved (both of us) to go to work. First I decided to take the car to get her windshield wipers changed because I thought the wipers were dragging and that's what was causing the wipers to stick. It wasn't. But they did my oil change and a radiator flush while I was there. They also tightened my nuts (heh heh heh) to see if that might fix the problem, but ultimately, it didn't help and they decided it's probably the wiper motor. More on this later.

I started to head to work, it was nearish 4 at this point. I got onto 495 to head to work and the traffic was OMG jammed. I immediately got off (thank goodness for cloverleafs). I called hoppie to get permission to blow off work. (Although I could easily have gotten there by back roads at that point.) He pointed out that technically it was my off and I could enjoy it if I wanted to. So I went to Tower Records and bought some albums. Then I went to Staples and bought a shredder, colour printer ink, and 100 CD cases (the 100 CD case pack was 15$. I was excited.)
Then I went to Building 19 and spent 100$ buying things I mostly didn't need, but they had matza ball soup mix for 75 cents a box (two mixes/box). I know it's a huge waste of money to get matza ball soup mix, because it's pretty much just matza meal and salt. On the other hand, normally the boxes sell for $2+ at "real stores" so it's a huge bargain, even if it's something I shouldn't want to buy. I prefer it. Since I'm usually sick when I'm whipping up matza balls, the less Marci intervention required, the better. And books. I finally redeemed a promise to myself I'd made when I got the job at Widget 1. Wish I'd done that before Yom Kippur. Would have been one less vow to annul (I know, it was made so long ago, it was probably annulled in the great annullment of YK 2001.)

Then I got lost driving to grocery to pick up dinner food and ice cream. Then I ripped my CDs so I could listen to them at work. Then hoppie and I had dinner and watched some TV in companionable conversation. And Monday Night Football. I didn't do any crochet last night because my head was hurting.

I feel like I should put some cut tags in here somewhere, but I wouldn't know what to cut where. Sorry friends lists.

Anyway, what I was going to say is that I did do some crochet this weekend. I've done a square which is predominately cluster stitch in a multicolor yarn. I finished my second scrunchie. I also started a grape shawl and a white yarmulke. (Which makes me want to link in this cartoon.) Ostensibly the shawl is for me and the yarmulke is for my Dad who already has one he loves from Israel, so who knows how it will turn out in the end. Today I started a sampler scarf. That's one we're working on in class. We're doing it to learn and practice stitches. We have a base length of 25 stitches and we will add two rows of each stitch we've learned. Today's class we did the initial chain base, single crochet, half-double crochet, and double crochet. Masako who is way ahead of us finished the next stitch in our sampler, triple crochet, and I think started on the next stitch after that, the cluster stitch. I'll probably work on those out of class, so next class we can do the offset cluster, pompom, and reverse pompom. After that we're doing shell and back-loop double crochet to use the crochet in a different stitch.

I need to dust off the camera and start taking pictures. It's shameful the way I'm letting things accumulate without photographic evidence.

I need to get my mother-in-law a birthday present. Anyone have any ideas? No, apparently taking her son out of her home isn't gift enough. 8-)
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