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I'm dead tense. My automotive dealer vanished, my warranty (they claim) expired at the end of the year (although my dealership told me it was still good, maybe that's why they're out of business). I told them that my dealership told me the extended warranty was still good. Yadda yadda. I got off the phone with them pretty annoyed and upset. Then I called my local automotive place where I go when I go when I know the work isn't covered and I want it done well and reasonably priced. They gave me an estimate, which comes out to 10$ less than Chrysler, even adding in the diagnostic fee that Chrysler will charge me for looking at the car.

So I'm leaning that way with the NEVER GOING BACK TO CHRYSLER, OMG, SO UPSET attitude, when I decide to call Chrysler and give them a chance to talk me back from the ledge. Actually, I called hoppie with my proposal and he thought talking back from the ledge was a good thing, given that I'm really quite head-over-heels in love with my car, windshield wiper issue excluded. So I called the service contract people and they can't do anything because it can't be an extension, it needs to be a new contract, so they transferred me to the new contract people who can't help me because it's not a "new contract" or a "first extension" since I bought the car with an extended service warranty this is my second extension, and it has to be purchased at the dealer. So I just totally freaked out on the guy and he recommended I call the service care number, which by the way, is where I where I started before I headed down the service contract track. I'm on hold with him now. He's trying to see if they can do anything to pacify me, which would be lovely because I really could use some intensive pacifying.

Apparently my dealership hasn't submitted a claim against my service contract since 2002. This might account for why they've gone out of business? I mean, it bothers me because I was willing to pay for a new service contract, I ASKED about paying for a new contract, I've even called Chrysler (when they first sent me the "OMG SERVICE CONTRACT ENDING! note) to talk about extending it. I was told it was fine everytime. I've behaved in good faith and I don't think I should be punished for believing my dealer.

Sorry about all the caps. Did I mention freaking out?

So I'm on hold with this customer service rep who sounds very nice and perky for a guy, and he's "researching" my situation. Just ended my call with him. "For various reasons, we're not going to be able to get involved in this situation. You'll have to work with the dealership." I don't know how I feel about that. The dealership doesn't seem to be willing to work with me, why should I be willing to work with them. I feel like I should know what I want when I call them back, but I don't know what I want. It sounds to me like he called the dealer and they told him to go screw, but I don't know that. Maybe he just talked to a manager. Hoppie appears to be at lunch.

Now on the phone with the dealership again. Wish me luck.
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