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Chrysler continued...

Where did I leave off. Right. Phone call with the dealership.
I talked to the service manager this time.
She said they can't give a contract. Only the people at "can't do anything because it can't be an extension, it needs to be a new contract" number can do it. (BTW: Did anyone count how many times I misspelled warranty in my last post. You'd think it be easy because it's just war and rant shoved together, and goodness those that's what I've got going on right now.) So I told her what they told me, and what the next guy told me, and alas, there is no value in a twice told tale. She decided that the smartest thing for her to do would be to give me the estimates. Of course, that wouldn't cover the work they did today if they fixed the car. But within 10 days (or in as few as 2! How long does it take to register a service contract? No one knows.), the new service contract would have taken affect, so it would only be service contract+ diagostic fee (that she didn't tell, I figured it out all on my own) to get the car fixed. At least it's not like health care where they'd claim pre-existing condition, we don't have to pay for that for the first six months, bahahahahahahahahaahahaha, but health care is another rant for another day.

Of course, I'd have to go down there to do the service contract thing, because you know, signing paperwork and all. The estimate isn't terrible for the service contract, we're equally likely to gain from it, I think, and I have the money to afford it, although it would cut severely into my spending cash. And I'd probably be willing to do that, assuming the system would take it, something that isn't entirely clear to either of us. I'm of the opinion right now that everything Chrysler tells me is lies because no one thinks they can do anything, they only think someone else can do it, and of course that someone says they can't do it and thinks someone else can.

Not feeling the (drive = love), right now, people.
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