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My doc brings all the boys to the yard

I had a stunning doc moment yesterday.
Aura came by at end of day asking me why she couldn't see this new REMOVED she'd made. I walked her through the steps and reproduced her problem exactly and then realized, I knew what the problem was. We never switched the focus of what she was viewing. So she was viewing her latest data, but on the wrong REMOVED. I said you have to update the focus to point to the new REMOVED.
And she said, but I followed the doc.
So I checked the doc for the command and read it to her: "When you create a new REMOVED, your focus continues to display the old REMOVED. If you want your focus to display the new REMOVED, you must change the...[yadda yadda, doesn't matter]."

The point is, my doc pwns!

I left on a happy high note.
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