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Guilty pleasures

I love this song. I love Air Supply. I know it's very uncool to admit this. It certainly was when I was in HS, but how can you not love lyrics like this:

but I'm not letting go, I believe there's still much to believe in,
So lift your eyes if you feel you can,
Reach for a star, and I'll show you a plan.
I figured it out.
What I needed was someone to show me.

You know you can't fool me;
I've been lovin' you too long.
It started so easy,
You'll want to carry on.

Lost in love and I don't know much,
'cause I'm thinking aloud and fell out of touch,
But I'm back on my feet and eager to be what you wanted.

I still remember their concert at the Kentucky State fair in like 1988, maybe?. They had too many hits to play whole songs and had to do medleys to be sure of playing everything the fans wanted.

I went to Liz's last night. Jean was there so we store pets got to have fun. Jean was working on a necklace, ring, and bracelet set for one of her granddaughters who is having a birthday next week. And I was picking up ingredients (components?) for a watch for my MIL. I'm going with gold and pearl. This morning, I realized I might have been better served doing glass pearls which would have allowed me to string hoppie's ideas. Since I did not, I went with a stunningly beautiful strand of round fresh water pearls (with their tiny, tiny holes), I couldn't. I designed two different looks this morning. One is a repeating pattern of 6 mm gold ball followed by 2 8mm pearls, ending with a final gold ball.
The other pattern, which I think I like better is an increasing pattern. 1 gold, 1 pearl, 1 gold, 2 pearls, and so on until the right length is reached (which is after the 4th set).

It was a rollicking good time at Liz's. We all did a lot of venting. It's been a particularly stressful week for everyone. And amazingly our stress sources were completely different. It was refreshing for me to hear about other people's problems. Makes me feel calmer. I don't want anyone to suffer, of course, but there's something cathartic about sharing battle stories.
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