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Matt Wilder

I was taking my bags out of my hotel and carrying them down to the curb to be picked up (body and bags) by my parents. The lobby and outside looked like the JCC in Louisville (the old one before the renovations, although I don't remember if it had all the usual rooms off the lobby. In my head, I was trying to remember if I'd done a cross-check/walkthrough of the room to make sure we'd gotten everything. Tril came down the steps with her luggage, and I told her I didn't remember if I'd done a cross-check and without even so much as asking her to stay with the luggage, I headed back to our room.
I got in the elevator right before it closed with three other people. Our room (mine and Tril's) was on the second floor (Rm 212 if you must know) and I felt bad because I was the only one going to 2. Everyone else was going higher. If I hadn't gotten on they'd have gotten there faster. Then I saw Tril moving towards the elevator so, risking further guilt, I held it for her. Then it turned out it didn't matter so much because it went to the 12th floor first. The 12th floor was the opposite way (presumably down). So we went down, and then went back up to 2, got out and went to our room, opening the door with a key card. I remember at this point thinking we should have been out of the room by now since checkout was at noon and it was that now. I thought we would just be a minute and if they gave us a big fuss about charging an extra day, I'd try to sweet talk our way out of it.
We'd been sharing a two room suite. In the first room was a full sized bed (possibly a queen, not sure), and an ice cream cone shaped shower/bath. Two "walls" meeting at right angles formed the back corner and sides, and across the front was a single round "wall". It had a white shower curtain. The second room had a similar sized bed placed headboard-to-headboard with the bed in the other room, and a normal bathroom.
I started finding things, which I don't remember, not much, including (one of the few things I do remember) some mentally challenging puzzles on the side of the first bedroom near the bath. Tril found some of my origami paper kits (I don't really have any) under the bed. Then while we were still finding things, my parents and her husband came in and helped us gather the rest of the stuff into hoppie's hanging bag (which fortunately has many pockets.).
Then we left. Then I came back that afternoon and checked in again for some reason, requested and received the same room, then went to dinner. Last thing I remember I was wondering through a aisle of things I couldn't eat, like franks and beans and beans alone and other stuff.
mmmm, beenie weenies
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