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And I know I shouldn't make another post

But I had this odd dream last night.
Leaving aside the part where I was driving a car from the backseat which my BEF in the front passenger seat lecturing me. And the part where I was at the old Club 60 room trying to greet the Attorney General, the part that really freaked me out was when I was driving with Lanna and she was explaining to me that she wanted to bring D to the bank so she could see what would happen if she didn't take care of the odd green growth on her face. (It would fill up will blood and swell like the guy at the bank.) While she's talking to me, I realize she's got what amounts to a vine growing out of her chin. Just one, on the right side, but it's sprouted a bit, and has a thin green tail poking out of the thicker green, I guess root.

Then I look in the mirror and realize I have two green plant-like horns growing out of my chin. They curve just like horns. I wonder how much blood there would be if I cut them out. How much would it hurt? It was pretty creepy. Just thought I'd share.
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